Cat scratcher Pia


Pia Cat Scratcher & Cat Bed is a designer piece for your furry friend. Your cat deserves to have an eye catching Scratcher that everyone will envy. It can be delivered Personalized in Crazy Vibrant colors like Vivid Reddish Orange, Vibrant Navy Blue, Bright Grass Green, Flaming Ruby Red, Sanguine Pink and Silvered Grey.


We present you our Personalized Cardboard Cat Scratcher and Cat Bed Pia. Why?
Because We are Cat lovers and we know exactly what every Cat needs!

Personalized Cardboard Cat Scratcher and Cat Bed Pia (two in one) is perfect for large and small cats. They can be either heavy or not heavy at all. Its design is an eye catcher. It is extremely chic and suitable for every home. Why? Because it has a perfect scratchable area and is at the same time suitable as a place to sleep on or to hide in the middle of it. This Scratcher is not heavy and can easily be moved around.

This model too is made of several layers of corrugated top quality 100 % recycled cardboard. Because of that your cat will barely make a dent in the cardboard top surface.


You can choose between 6 different colors: Vivid Reddish Orange, Vibrant Navy Blue, Bright Grass Green, Flaming Ruby Red, Sanguine Pink and Silvered Grey.


Yes, can be personalized upon your wish with the name of your Cat.

Size & Dimensions:

Experiences made us prefer larger Cat Scratchers over smaller ones within the same category, because they offer more room for cat to stretch out.
Lenght 42 x Height 47,5 x Width 40 cm; Weight 4,5 kg.

Why We & You will love it:

Above all the height is good, the material is great and the width is perfect.

How we tested Quality of construction and Durability:

Durability, stability and size are, as We believe, all important in picking the right Cat Scratcher. By unleashing our Cat panelists on the Cat Scratcher, We assembled each Cat Scratcher and examined its craftsmanship. After that, after a week or two of use, We examined it, to see how easy it was for them to leave claw marks on the Cat Scratcher. In conclusion we can say: What we saw is what you get…top Quality!


First we took our Cat House & Scratcher and scoot it across a hardwood floor or tip it over. After that we asked our human volunteers (Cat lovers) to evaluate each Cat Scratcher’s stability when their Cat panelists used it. Because of that we know exactly how stable they are.

Scratchable area:

Because we favor Cat Scratchers with greater scratchable surface areas, that is what we offer to you, too.

Where you can find and Follow us:

Etsy, Pinterest & Instagram

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 48 cm

Gray, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red

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