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Trap4Cats “Cat Catcher” & Cat Bed, size 33 x 33 x 12 cm, is suitable for every cat and every desktop, home or office. It can be delivered Personalized with a name in Crazy Vibrant colors like Flaming Ruby Red, Sunny Yellow, Charcoal Black and Pearly White.


44 x 60 x 14 cm – recommended for cats over 8 kg

Because we are cat lovers, we know exactly what every cat and cat owner needs, therefor we made felted personalized cat bed and “cat catcher” Trap4Cats. You’re going to love it!

Are you a cat owner („personal“ more likely) and you work at home? In this case you must be familiar with scenes where cats “harass” their owners while working on a computer etc. How often does it happen that your cat comes and lies in front of or even on the computer / keyboard and expects you to play with it, or is looking for other ways to bother you at the most unappropriate time? To me? Often. In fact, every time I work at home. Both of my cats are cute but also “very demanding”.

Because the “disturbances” were simply too often and “annoying”, I was forced to find a solution. The best solution turned out to be Grey Trap4Cats cat bed, which both of my cats adore. Due to its size, the Trap4Cats bed is suitable for any desktop and any cat (btw my cats are large – not overweight, but still 7 kg). Since I have Trap4Cats on the desktop, I no longer have any “problems” with their “harassment”. Grey Trap4Cats is not just a bed, it is a real “cat catcher”, as it really catches even most demanding cats and offers them all the necessary comfort and warmth of a bed.


Gray Trap4Cats can be personalized in combination with 4 (four) different colors of string, cat silhouettes & cat name (on each side Trap4Cats): Fiery ruby ​​Red, Optimistic sunny Yellow, Pearl White and Ebony elegant Black.


Grey Trap4Cats can also be personalized with your cat’s name. In this case we will put on each side of Trap4Cats (instead of the cat silhouette) name of your cat in the color you choose.

Size & Dimensions:

Standard size: Length / width 33 cm x height 12 cm; weight 240 gr.
XXL size: Length 60 cm x width 40 cm x height 14 cm; weight 300 gr.
Because cats like to stretch, the bed adapts easily, as it is extremely soft.

Why We & You will love it:

Size is suitable for each cat, the material is durable and the width is perfect.

How we tested the quality of workmanship and the suitability of the material:

Both, durability and thickness of the material (polyester felt) as well as the size are very important when choosing any cat bed. The durability of the material and the usability of Trap4Cats were tested with the help of our cats. Obviously, both – the size and the quality of the material – suit them very well, as “there were no comments at all”! What’s more … they lie in Trap4Cats for hours, even when we are not around.

Stability & comfort:

Although Trap4Cats is not heavy, which means that it can be easily moved around according to your needs, it is nevertheless stable and durable. Because it’s soft you don’t have to worry about it getting crushed, if it falls to the ground. Everyone, who tried Trap4Cats, was thrilled with it. Not only is it comfortable and soft, it is also extremely beautiful. Perfect decoration for your desktop, home or office.

Cleaning and maintenance:

“Where a cat lies, it leaves hair!” … in this case there is no difference. It is best to clean Trap4Cats regularly so cat hair do not accumulate too much. You can do that with a slightly damp cloth or you can also use a roller with replacement adhesive rollers to remove hair from fabrics.

Where you can find and Follow us:

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 12 cm

Yellow, Red, White, Black

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